Varsity Cross Country · Cross Country Preview

Cross Country 

By: Kiana Brown, Janyah Everett, Kenisha Hilton, and Jordan

Statesboro High Cross Country is back in action. This year’s first meet was Saturday August 25, in Brunswick.   One change the players can expect this season is more practice. They are lead by Coach Scott Palmer, who usually makes the team players run 5 miles a day,  along with running sprints, improving speed and working on core strength. This year, there are new players who have stepped up to take the lead. This year’s star athletes Micah D’Arcangelo, Bryce Prather, and Sarah Reddick. They’ve been on the team for quite a while and have improved each year.

Palmer states, “I enjoy being around the students and love to watch them work harder.  When asked why he started coaching this sport,he replied, “ To be honest, I did Coach Prosser a favor and ended up loving coaching Cross Country.” Coach Palmer thinks that Cross Country is a sport that anybody could be good at, and if you come out and try it, you might like it.