BlueDevils News · Powerade donates $2,000 to Blue Devil Athletics

Statesboro High School was recently the recipient of a $2,000 award from Powerade as part of their Power Your School Program.  Sixteen schools across the state of Georgia and 500 schools nationwide were each awarded their part of a one million dollar grant that Powerade committed to help high school athletics fund the increasing costs of operating their program.  Schools submitted written or video essays detailing how the money would be utilized at their school and the many ways it would benefit student athletes. Statesboro High School’s Audio/Visual classes, taught by Renee Rogers, created a near-four minute video showcasing Kasey Baynon, a senior runner and wrestler.  The video submission can be viewed at  Statesboro High School has more than 20 sports teams serving over 400 students.  The $2,000 was used to purchase new cross country uniforms and wrestling supplies.