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Varsity Cross Country · Cross Country Takes On Hardest Course of the Season

Cross Country Takes On Hardest Course of the Season

By: Sarah Reddick

On September 28th, this past Thursday, the Blue Devils Cross Country team rode on a bus for two hours down to Brunswick GA, for the second time this season, however, this time to a much more difficult course.

It is almost mid season for the Cross Country runners. Hopes were high, runners weren’t as nervous since they were used to running for so long in the heat and previous courses. This course was something no one had imagined. The terrain was sandy, sticks were everywhere, fallen trees had to be jumped over, and the heat was intense, but it is called Cross Country for a reason.

The obstacles didn’t stop our athletes though. The girls came in 4th out of 6 teams, with Kasey Baynon coming in 6th overall, Sarah Reddick coming in 7th overall, and Katie Ann Bowers coming in 9th overall. The times for the first three are: Kasey ran a 23:32, Sarah ran a 23:36, and Katie Ann ran a 24:10. The other girls did amazing as well and came in strong to help the team.

The boys placed 6th out 7 teams, with Noah Caplinger coming in 1st overall, Micah D’Arcangelo coming in 2nd for the team, and Greyson Gawthorp coming in 3rd for the team. The times those star athletes ran are: Noah running a 17:30, Micah running a 19:58, and Greyson running a 20:46. The guys competition is rough, the rest of the guys tried their hardest and are appreciated for their effort towards the team.

This course was tough, however the teams got another taste of what the other teams have in store for regionals. Every day the teams work hard to improve their stamina and dedication to the sport of running through terrain that is a surprise every time.