Boys Junior Varsity Baseball, Varsity Baseball · The Come Back Was Almost Real

The Blue Devil’s faced off against the Richmond Wildcats on Friday, March 10. The Devil’s started off slow and dug themselves a 9-2 hole going into the top of the 4th but Dalton Ross, Dylan Irizarry, and Davis Wiggins started to get on base and bring Blue Devil’s runners home. They cut the lead down to 4 as they start then 5th ending. The Devil’s started the 5th at bat as Wright Rocket gets to second base to start a come back for the Devil’s. Davis Wiggins in the top of the 5 hits a nice pop fly to bring home Wright Rocket to make the score 6-9. The Wildcats start to get on base but the Devil’s great out field play gets 3 quick outs. The Devil’s start to run out of time and they needed to get on base and get some scores as the 6th end started. Dillan Ross hits a great hit, brings in a Devil runner, and gets himself on third and the Devil’s were now only down 2 (9-7). Cameron Harvey gets a walk and now the Devil’s have runners on 1st and 3rd as it is the bottom of the 6th. Dylan Irizarry gets to walk on to base to as the Devil’s have load bases and they only had 1 out. The Devils gave it there all but, couldn’t  capitalize as the Wildcats pitcher held the Devil’s to two more outs. The Devil’s then played some great out field as they got another 3 quick outs as they get back swing at the bottom of the 7th. Davis Wiggins get a walk on to base. With the Devil’s with one out, Austin Daniels hits a get line drive to get a baserunner to third and get him to second. Dalton Ross then comes to plate, and hits a grounder and gets a runner in to make the score 8-9 but Dalton gets called out on a close call. Cameron Harvey steps to plate and hits a good ball but the wildcat player catches it and the Blue Devil’s fall 8-9 in a close one against the Richmond Hill Wildcats.