Multiple Teams · Basketball at a Glance

As we kick-off Basketball season here at Statesboro High I interviewed Coach Harvey to get a look at the season ahead.

Coach Harvey said that in the long run the teams primary goal is to bring a region title to the school and try their hardest to win the state championship. When I asked him about short-term goals he explained that winning region or state won’t be easy so they will make sure that they are prepared for each game and ready to play. Off the court the coaches want to make sure that the players are focusing on grades and thriving academically so every player is able to go to college.

Along with his goals for the season Coach Harvey also shared strengths as well as weaknesses of the team. A definite strength Harvey stated was a mixture of experienced returning players with young new talent. He later remarked that one weakness the team has is the numerous injured players, “we need to get healthy!” said Harvey.

Among the players there are six that will play for the Blue Devils one final season, seniors include; Fred Brown, Jarquez Cone, Julian Harrison, Cameron Harvey, Marcus Kirkland, and Jordan Wright. The number one expectation for seniors, Harvey said, was to make sure every one of them goes to college even if it is not on a Basketball scholarship. He also wants them to set examples for younger players and play hard every game.