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Training Services

Athletic Training is the prevention, recognition, care, and rehabilitation of sports related injuries and is otherwise best described as “Sports Medicine”. Statesboro High School is proud to offer quality health care to our athletes through Optim Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine. Sports Medicine is a team concept. Certified Athletic Trainers are on site of athletic contests ready to respond in the event of an injury. Coaches and officials assure the safety of the athletes through fair play and proper technique. Team physicians are responsible for diagnosing and treating injuries, directing and advising the Certified Athletic Trainer, as well as determining athletes’ readiness to compete through pre-participation medical exams. Parents play a vital role on our team as they hold the ultimate responsibility for the welfare of their child. Parents are encouraged to communicate openly with their child’s coaches and the Athletic Trainer regarding injuries.

Head Athletic Trainer – Rachel Leitz –

Asst. Athletic Trainer – Chloe Salway –

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